Janu Basti

How Janu Basti works?

Like in other hot oil therapy of Ayurvedic tradition Janu Basti is also provided to the patient only by administering medicated oil rich with herbal extracts and so it should not be considered as something that can be practiced just in your convenience at home only by knowing the procedure involved to retain the oil on the surface of the knee in touching the skin. The Ayurvedic therapist prepares dough with special ingredients and with it a small dam shaped circumference is installed on the knees with an opening in the middle and through the wide opening of this dam warm medicated oil is poured on the knees and retained for some time as prescribed by the physician. Normally a typical Janu Basti treatment prescribes a 30 minute to 45 minutes of time for retaining the oil preparation on the surface of the knee. Remember the oil touching the skin of the knee and nourishing deep inside the joints to relief pain is the key element of this treatment and central to our consideration of health benefits of medicated Janu Basti.


Healing Consequences of Janu Basti

Immediate healing consequences of Janu Basti or long term health benefits of medicated Janu Basti are numerous. Apart from great relief from regular joint pain in the knee Janu Basti eases your body movement as a whole. After Janu Basti as you are relieved from aching pain in your knees your body movements would increase substantially and that again can result in numerous good effects on the body. Janu Basti is a must do remedy for chronic arthritis, joint pains and orthopedic problems

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